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checkSet up your free account to begin comparing all the plans available.
checkAnswer all your questions about the different choices.
checkHelp you qualify for all of the financial assistance you are entitled to receive.
checkOur Services Cost You Nothing and you can never pay less for your coverage anywhere else!
checkFind local office support
checkHelp with Health Insurance, Premium Subsidies, Medicare, Prescription Subsidies, Dental, Disability and Life Insurance, Home Health Care Referrals, Transportation, In-home Assistance, Claim Assistance, HSA Accounts, HRA Accounts and Self Funded Plans.
checkNo Charge for our Services – Ever!


You can never pay less for your coverage anywhere else as insurance rates are regulated by the government and must be the same regardless of where you purchase your coverage thorough.

When you work with us you can rest assured that we are professionally licensed by the State Insurance Commissioner’s Office which also means passing background checks,  meeting annual continuing education requirements and professionally insured under a multi-million dollar Errors and Omissions Insurance policy to further protect you and your Private Information.  Do not allow yourself to become a victim of identity theft or let your information fall into the wrong hands.

  • We will help you make sure you are receiving all of the benefits you are entitled to receive through the various programs under the Affordable Care Act!
  • You never pay us anything.
  • You can not purchase a plan anywhere else for less money.
  • Easy and fast answers to all your coverage questions.
  • Always speak with the same licensed and experienced representative.
  • Local office support.
  • We are licensed and regulated by the Insurance Commissioner in each state we do business with.
  • We have nearly 20 years of experience providing health benefits to families and small businesses.
  • We carry a multi-million dollar professional Errors and Commissions Insurance for your protection.
  • Free Prescription Discount Card.
  • Access to Low Cost Supplemental Coverage’s to help fill in the gaps in coverage.
  • Extensive Library of Information regarding a wide variety of topics including Social Security Timing.
  • Free Living Will Kit.
  • Can not be singled out for a rate increase.
  • Special features for you to consider ON OUR MAJOR MEDICAL PLANS
  • Flexible plan design….puts you in charge
  • Your Choice of deductible options
  • Doctor visit co-pay available
  • Prescription co-pay plans available
  • 100% coverage after your chosen deductible / co-insurance
  • Choice of networks of hospitals and doctors
  • 1st Dollar Wellness Options
You will never find a rate lower than the one we are able to offer you, this is set by law.  Our Services are contracted for with each insurance company so you never pay us for a thing.  We are licensed and regulated by the Washington Insurance Commissioners’ Office,
registered with the State Health Insurance Exchange, Insured, Bonded
and have underwent and completed thorough background checks,
with over 20 years of experience.
 Our credentials provided here
Washington Insurance License #133527
National Producer # 5765786
Offices located in Southwest Washington.
 If you would like to reach us please call to speak to a licensed, experienced and bonded broker authorized to represent all of the insurance plans available through the Washington Health Insurance Exchange.

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Washington health finder is provided through an independent agency licensed, bonded, registered and authorized to offer health plans and health insurance through the Washington health insurance exchange.